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Favorite Pet Food Suppliers

We believe providing the best diet poissible for our pet’s is a must to consider if we want to provide the healthiest life for our pet’s. When we eat better we think better, we feel better, and we behave better.  There are lot’s of great option’s now adays but still lots of not so great option’s. Here is a list of our favorite brands and suppliers of pet food. So whether you want to do a more natural raw diet or stick with kibble we got choices.

Raw Diet:  An instinctual diet is the best and our preferred way of feeding our pet’s. Raw diets can be made from all natural ingredients bought from the grocery store, farmers market, butcher or local raw pet food distributer.

  • You can find some local raw food distributers who prepackage the meals and deliver straight to your door for amazing convenience. You just freeze, thaw, and serve. Some can be found at local pet stores.
  • You can also learn to make meals on your own but be sure you have researched and consulted with an expert to make sure it is done properly.

Halshans: Raw food suppliers. (this is who we use for our cat and dog)

Answers: Raw Food Suppliers

Volhard: Dehydrated Raw diet food distributer. They also make some supplements that can even be added to a kibble diet if that is the best you can do.  – Supplements. The Endurance Supplement can be added to kibble to bring back nutrients that have been lost in processing.

The Honest Kitchen: Dehydrated raw food products and supplements. Some products come with protein and some allow you to add your own protein.

Halshans: Raw food suppliers. (this is who we use for our cat and dog)

Steve’s Real Food: Freeze dried raw food products.

Sojos: Freeze Dried raw food products.

Real Pet Food: Deyhrdated Treats and Chews

Orijen: Kibble and Freeze Dried food products. Human grade.

Acana: Kibble. Protein products made from human grade sources.

Zignature: Kibble.

Nutrition Experts

Here are some suggested people to follow regarding pet nutrition with the focus of a natural diet. Some of these experts offer one on one coaching so that you can be sure your pet is getting the most appropriate diet in regards to their breed or health concerns.


Rodney Habib: Nutrition Specialist


Facebook Page:

You Tube: 

Watch his Your tube TED talk – great stuff. =)


Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS

Offers consulations and courses


The Three Little Pitties: Andrea Partee

Nutrition Specialist

Offers Consultations and online courses


Dr. Karen Becker: Veternarian

Website offers lots of nutrition tips

You Tube:


Dr. Christina Chambreay: Homeopathic Veternarian

Read her blogs, articles and book suggestions

*Offers phone consultations


Tom Lonsdale: Veternarian

Author of Raw Meaty Bones


Natural Feeding Magazine/Website



Pet Fooled – Netflix


Best and worse foods to feed


Raw Feeding Diet “so easy”



Raw Meaty Bones

Author: Tom Lonsdale


Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog

Author: Wendy Volhard


Natural Feeding Magazine/Website


Facebook Groups

These can be good supportive groups and may help you along the way.

Raw Feeding


Raw Fed Dogs

Raw Fed Paws


Dog Training/Behavior Books

Love Them by Leading Them, The Good Dog Way by Sean Oshea (MUST READ)

Cesars Way by Cesar Milan

Be the Pack Leader by Cesar MIlan

The Art of Raising a Puppy by The Monks of New Skete

Your Dog is Your Mirror by Kevin Behan

Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters
Fire Hydrant Pet Sitting Co. : Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Serving Chino, Ontario, Covina, Claremont, Upland, San Dimas, and more. 

***Notify them we referred you for 1 free dog walk!***

Sky’s The Limit : Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Services Azusa and surround areas

***Receive 1 free dog walk when you mention our name!***

Holistic Veterinarian

Claremont, CA

Dr. Tudor

Offers guidance on raw natural diets as well.

Pet Time Animal Hospital

Upland, CA

Dr. Bory

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