San Gabriel Valley professional dog trainer

San Gabriel Valley Dog Trainer

Achieve and transform your dog with reliable off-leash obedience! Don’t struggle another day. Create the life you want with your dog and enjoy them to the fullest.

Please look through our comprehensive programs and see what is most applicable for you and your goals. Once you have made a decision, fill out a contact form on the Contact Page. You will then be contacted to schedule a free phone consult. 

Off leash training

Complete Obedience Program:

One-on-one program in person training to master off leash obedience, tackle problem behaviors, and gain solid communication to build the dog of your dreams.  For ALL AGES. LEARN MORE

Virtual Obedience Program

Virtual one-on-one program to master off-leash obedience. The virtual version to the Complete Obedience Program built for anyone around the world.  For PUPPIES and ADULT DOGS.            LEARN MORE

San Gabriel Valley dog training

Virtual Training Consultation

Need some advice or help troubleshooting your DIY training. Want to make sure you’re on the right track? Or want a second opinion on your issues? This is a great option for you! LEARN MORE


Days of Operation:

Sessions scheduled between Monday-Thursday.

Closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

San Gabriel Valley professional dog trainer


She turned our hyperactive, stubborn dog into a great pet that we absolutely love. We were at the end of our rope with Maverick. We are so glad we called Chloe she helped us so much. Maverick did a total 180 and Is a completely different dog that we enjoy and love.
Christina, M.

She not only helps dogs become good canine citizens, but she also empowers humans by giving them the skills they need to continue with the training!
Tina, B.

By signing on for board and train or one on one services with RDT, you’re investing in not just your dog’s growth, but your own growth and leadership as well. Great team, ethical and responsible through and through, and the training WORKS.
Cameron, T.

Chloe is, THE BEST. No exaggeration. She is kind, very communicative, understanding, patient and just WONDERFUL!
Kim, J.

dog trainer

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