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I’m Chloe Anchondo, owner and founder of Rooted Dog Training. From a young age, animals have been at the core of who I am, as well as helping people better understand them. For over a decade, I worked with exotic animals including birds of prey, lions, bears, apes, and domestic animals.

I am a multi-business owner on the path to find better ways to help my community gain hope and solutions to their challenges. I love working with dogs, all animals, and their owners. 

While I have always been passionate about animal training and their behaviors, dog training became a deeper passion when I started my dog-walking business, and more so when we adopted a highly-reactive, pushy dog. I quickly realized that I needed answers to build a better balanced and well-mannered dog. This led me on the journey to creating Rooted Dog Training and learning life-changing lessons.

I have enjoyed the education aspect of my work and have conducted hundreds of educational presentations. One of the greatest joys when working with clients is seeing the empowerment they gain and the sense of relief setting in because they now have a different understanding of their dog and life can be better enjoyed. Tears of joy are not uncommon amongst our clients.

While most days I am surrounded by dogs, I also enjoy other passions. I love sharing the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained throughout my life to better help others in whatever way that may be. When I’m not with dogs, I’m with friends, family, and my community. I enjoy listening to and playing music. Next to animals, music is a must in my daily life.

Training Programs, Tools and Philosophy

With Rooted Dog Training, we treat you like family because we want the absolute best result for you. By offering in depth training and lifetime aftercare you will always feel supported for the life of your dog. We are eager to uncover the gifts your dog has to share with you. We believe that when we address ourselves and the core environment our dogs spend time in, we can overcome difficult behaviors and achieve long-lasting results. 

Off leash dog trainingWhile training tools and techniques are part of the equation to a well-behaved dog, there is so much more to it, and I must say the process is quite remarkable. 

We hope you decide to take this journey with us and realize the potential you and your dog have inside of you. The possibilities are there waiting for you. Be willing to take a step forward and put in the work. It will require some effort, but great things always do.

Through our training programs , which consist of one on one sessions or board and train, we can build solid communication between you and your dog. Although, we may use several tools including the remote collar, our main focus is to teach you how to use your body and energy to communicate with your dog. Why? Becuase it’s a huge part of how dogs communicate. You will learn how you can use your energy, body and voice to build trust and respect with your dog.

We may also use physical tools such as a remote collars, prong collars, slip leads, buckle collars, pet convincers or bonkers. By having an open mind to tools and techniques we can be sure that the issues you may be dealing with can be overcome in the simplest and most effective way possible.

Remote Coller TrainingWith the balance training method we teach the dog both “yes” and “no”. Just as we teach our children this concept, dogs need to learn it also. In fact, it’s one way in which canines communciate with eachother. We will teach the dog “yes” by rewarding behaviors we like and want to encourage but then also teach “no” by making the dog accountable for behaviors we do not approve of, including those that may seem minor or dangerous. Both methods will be taught with appropriate and safe techniques.

In addition to tools and training structure, it is important for us to always keep in mind the natural canine pack dynamic to assist in our training approach. Being knowledgeable in this aspect can reconnect you to the predator, the animal, you have brought into your home. So many today forget this important detail but it is one you must understand to accomplish your goals and truly become a leader your dog will trust and respect. Having the combination of a primitive focus and using modern day tools and techniques we can have high chances of  longterm success.

What is Expected of You?

This canine lifestyle and transformation you will undergo will require effort, change, and dedication for lasting success. When we have these qualities rooted in us we can create a life full of peace, balance, and adventure with our canine companions.

What are you waiting for? Stop putting it off and create the life of your dreams with your dog today! Let’s get started!

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