FAQ: All Your Dog Trainer Questions Answered!

Ontario dog obedience trainer serving the San Gabriel Valley and greater Los Angeles area


What training tools are required to use?

We use a variety of tools that may or may not be introduced with your dog. We encourage all to have an open mind to tools and methods so we can use what works best for the dog and your goals.

One tool is required, and that is the crate. You’ll learn more why in the program. Other tools such as food, prong collars, or slip leads, etc may be used or recommended based on what is helpful to the owner and dog to reach their goals. Once suggested, it is required to use. The trainer will know what is best, so your trust in your trainers suggestions is important.

For more information on the training tools and how we use them keep reading the FAQ page.

Do I have to use the crate?

We understand the crate is yet another training tool that some are apprehensive about, but the crate is a required tool in our programs and for good reason. We are believers in the value of implementing structure daily. The crate is a tool that we’ll use to do so. No, the dog will no be in there for an unfair amount of time. No, it will not be used as a punishment or negative space.

We teach the dog to view the crate as a safe space, a place they will even choose to go into on their own, aside from when you will tell to go in with the door closed.

The crate is not only used for structure, but to help with behavior issues like, barking, anxiety, fear, potty issues, reactivity, overexcitement, destructive behaviors, and more. We also firmly believe it is a valuable tool to keep familiar for the life of the dog because you will at some point have to board your dog for vacations, health checks, and perhaps to contain for a party or house work. Why not let it just be your dogs bedroom?

We can’t wait for you to see how the crate is not negative, but a positive place your dog will enjoy being in.

What is a prong collar? Do I have to use one?

A prong collar is a great dog training tool that we use for nearly every dog that enters into our programs. The prong collar has also been called a pinch collar but really does not pinch at all. I’m not going to lie to you, the collar looks horrific, but in reality it is the most humane collar on the market. The design of it is purposed to stop choking, vomiting, and gagging like you see with so many other collars. With proper fit and use we can quickly stop dogs from pulling and lunging on leash.

We use prong collars only manufactured by Herm Sprenger as they are the best quality on the market. There is a right and wrong way to use them so we are happy to show you the right and fair way!


What is Remote Collar or E Collar training?

This form of training involves a remote and collar that uses technology to communicate with your dog off leash or “remotely” from a nearby distance, up to 1/2 mile.  It is a fantastic training tool that creates reliable communication between man and canine. It does not shock or zap the dog as some may seem. Instead, it uses modern technology that does not harm or injure your dog but is safe. In fact, it uses the same technology that is used in the TENS unit which is used for human physical therapy.  The stimulation has been described by clients as a tickle. That tickle is what we get to grab the attention of our dogs to further communicate them to either do a desired behavior or stop an unwanted behavior. When we activate the remote, it sends a signal to the collar and gives the dog stimulation according to the level set in that moment. We pair the stimulation to commands that are taught in the foundation training. We focus on low level training ranging from 0-15 but may use higher levels when appropriate.

We are proud to incorporate this tool in our dog training programs because we believe it is a fantastic tool to build solid communication. This tool allows us to better control our physical energy, in which our dogs pay close attention to. So by using a neutral tool such as the remote collar, we can have a more calm and clear conversation with our dogs. With it we can help people who want the everywhere off leash dog  or better help those who are struggling with more difficult dog behaviors.

The remote collar system we use is manufactured by E Collar Technologies. We love this brand for their great customer service and the reliable well made device. This system has many features including water resistance, up to 100 levels, multiple dog use, and much more!

We love this tool and look forward to teaching others how to use it properly for best results! For more information about our philosophy visit our ABOUT page.

What is expected from me to get results?

You ultimately are your dogs trainer and we coach you through the process. So you will be required to have full participation in order to achieve lasting success. While we guide you through every step and teach all you need to know, we need every client and family member of the household to be fully committed to the training program and follow through with any suggestions made through your program. While you don’t need to spend hours a day training, there will likely be adjustments in your day to day routine that you will need to implement to ensure the dogs training is effective and consistent. This is crucial. Yes, homework is involved. We never want you to feel overwhelmed but suggest a minimum of 20-30 minutes a day of practice sessions at home, including 1 walk a day. Other suggestions will be offered based on your needs.


Do you teach basic obedience?

Yes! All of our programs include basic obedience training and commands as the foundation. We however do NOT have a  program that only covers the basics. That’s because we believe dog owners need more then the “basics”. We want you to have the kind of training that will stick for a lifetime, the kind of training that will allow you to enjoy your dog to the very full. So yes we cover the basics, but we’ll be covering much more. To sign up fill out the contact form to get started!


What kinds of dog behaviors can you address?

We can tackle many behaviors such as separation anxiety, dog reactivity, leash reactivity, pulling on leash, jumping, counter surfing, excessive barking, play biting, charging the door, bolting, digging, destructive behavior, over excitement, improve coming when called, or call the dog off objects and so much more.

We can also help you prepare for puppy hood to adult hood. Or if you are expecting a new baby or already have children, we can help you get your dog in a respectful place so you don’t have to worry about the dog putting your baby and children in danger.

Take a look at our PROGRAMS to find the best program for you!

Do you handle dog aggression?

Unfortunately we cannot at this time handle severe dog aggression cases. We can however, direct you to trainers that have teams more suitable for this serious behavior. Aggression can be overcome with the right trainers and program, and I have the best referrals! Email us at chloe@rooteddogtraining.com for a referral.

If you are unsure if you have severe aggression, schedule a FREE phone consult and we can dicuss what kind of dog you are dealing with and see if we can tackle it or if its best to refer you to someone who spcializes in it.

Do you offer puppy training?

YES! We love teaching puppies! In all reality all our programs can fit the needs of a puppy. We can customize our programs so we can help you develop an adult dog that can be well behaved, balanced, and ready for anything! You learn the basic obedience foundation, as well as potty training, crate training, how to socialize, nutrition guidance, desensitization, and so much more! You’ll eventually work your way up to off leash obedience as well so that you can enjoy your dog to the fullest.

Your new puppy will be set up for success!

What is balanced training?

Balanced training is essentially training using both “yes” and “no”. To stay balanced we have to use realistic techniques that includes positive and negative, or reward and punishment. If you are a parent I’m sure you are familiar with telling your kid “great job” when they do good things or are respectful and obedient, but then when they are disobedient or disrespectful you tell them “no” and likely punish them. Why do we say “great job” and usually with a reward? To encourage good behavior. Why do we say “no” with punishment? To discourage and hopefully stop the behavior. We use this same technique with our dogs. While yes, dogs are a completely different species and are in no way like humans, dogs naturally correct each other in the pack dynamic.

While yes there will be times when we say no to the dog, there will be more times we say yes!

A “no” will go along with a correction in the form of a leash correction, gentle physical touch, bonker, remote collar stimulation, or something else that my be appropriate. We in no way cause harm to the dog but use techniques that are fair and humane.

A “yes” will be in the form of verbal praise, touch of affection, food, or a toy. We will use what is most appropriate for the individual dog.

Here is a video discussing why it’s ok to tell your dog “no”: https://youtu.be/quNs8AUAsh0

To learn more about our philosophy visit our ABOUT page.

Do you offer obedience or social classes?

We do not offer obedience classes at this time. We believe that in order to gain lasting results one on one training is most appropriate and valuable. Many people get lost in classes and are unable to get the attention they need to get real results, especially if you are dealing with more difficult behaviors. So we have decided for now to focus on helping people one on one.

If the reason you like classes is because of socialization, we do offer regular pack walks and socials for our clients. 

If you feel one on one is right for you then contact us now to get started!

What is your service area?

We proudly serve the San Gabriel Valley area in southern California. This includes: San Dimas, Glendora, La Verne, Claremont, Pomona, Upland, Ontario, Racho Cucamonga, Chino, Corona, Monrovia, Covina, West Covina, Azusa, Duarte, Monrovia, Pasadena, Walnut, Diamond Bar, Brea, Fullerton, and Anaheim.

Really we will help anyone around the globe. If you feel a connection with us but live out of state or far away, reach out! We can help you virtually or you can even send your dog to us for a board and train. You wouldn’t be the first and certainly not the last.

For in-home sessions (only available on special request and if schedule allows) there will be a mileage fee if you live 10 miles or further from Ontario, CA. Anyone in our 10 mile radious will have no additional fees. To save some pennies you can also opt-in to travel to our location.

If you do not see your city here, we may just have missed it. If you are in this general area feel free to fill out a contact form. We would love to meet you!

Payment Plan Options

Upon purchase you can select PayPal Pay Later. You can then choose a payment plan that works for you. 

Payment is due to book services and reserve dates.

We accept all major credit cards, Venmo, Google Pay, and PayPal

Cancellations and Refunds

We understand life happens and will do our best to accommodate any changes or cancellations. However, please read over contract and invoice for expiration dates, nonrefundable deposits, and cancellation fees. Here is a brief overview.

Full payment is due when booking begins in order to hold your dates.

For last minute session cancellations (less then 24 hours notice), your session lost will not be refundable. To regain this session you will have to pay a $50 fee. We do not want you to miss your sessions as they are very important to your progression and ultimate result. Please do your very best to make your scheduled sessions as this is part of the commitment process to your dog and crucial to your success.

To reschedule future sessions please notify us ASAP so we can see if we have any openings in our schedule. We do book up far in advance so please try your hardest to stick with your original schedule of sessions.

Program cancellations must be done prior to the week before training commencement to receive a refund in full or a percentge depening on when you cancel. If the balance has been paid, it can be used towards a reschedule of the program within 6 months or at the earliest convenience of RDT.

All programs must be completed within 6 months of 1st session.

Does the whole family have to be present during training? What about children?

It is encouraged that the entire household be present since this will encourage best results. However, we understand it may be difficult to arrange everyone’s schedule for each session. We will do our best to help you but you should assign a regular attendee to be at every session and this person(s) will have to repeat and demo what was taught during the session. This will ensure success, consistency, ad clear understanding for the dog.

Children can be present and may be allowed to participate depending on the dog and age of child. Otherwise children are encouraged to sit quietly at the side or it may be suggested to have a babysitter so that adult(s) can have full attention and participation during the session. This is to ensure best results! We want to minimize distractions as much as possible as this is an important investment you are making.

What days and times do you offer training sessions?

Currently we offer training sessions on the following days and times.

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 9am, 11am, 4/5pm

Tuesday: 9am, 11am, 4/5pm

Wednesday: 9am, 11am, 4/5pm

Thursdays: 9am, 11am, 4/5pm

Fridays: Closed

Saturday: Closed


Where do the training sessions take place?

\ Majortiy of sessions take place at our private location in Ontario. The address will be provided at sign up. A few of the sessions will also likely take place at a local park or at your home depending on your goals and needs.

What do the sessions look like?

Each sessions will last 60-90 minutes, with your sessions typically taking place once a week. The training will include explanation of what we’re trying to achieve and why in great detail. The trainer will demo each task for you, and then you will practice in front of your trainer to ensure you feel confident about what to practice in between your sessions. Homework will then be suggested to you. It’s your commitment that will ensure each week you make progress to take the next step in your training.

COVID-19 Guidlines

Due to COVID-19 we are requiring anyone in direct contact with us on or off property for training should wear a mask and do their best to practice social distancing when possible. On our property we will have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes available. We also kindly ask that if anyone is experiencing flu like symptoms or has been in contact with someone with COVID, that you please stay home. We can always reschedule appointments.

We want to do our very best to ensure a safe space for all.

And if you feel unsure about meeting in person, please check out our virtual training program where you can get the same great training from the comfort of your home. Click HERE to learn more.

More Questions? Want to schedule a FREE phone conult?

If we can help answer any further questions, or if you’d like to chat and see if we’re the right fit for you, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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