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Why do I Need to be the Pack Leader?

Are you the leader your dog needs? What is a "pack leader" anyway? What does this actually involve? Many dog professionals and dog lovers throw this term, "pack leader" around and it became popular as Cesar Milan became a household name. It's more than just a cool...

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Do E-Collars Shock Dog’s?

Over many years e-collars have been used to train dogs. Many have heard these tools being referred as, "shock" collars, when in reality that is not at all what they do. I'd like to explain to you what e-collars, or otherwise known as remote collars, are exactly. I...

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How much does it cost to have a pet?

Many people underestimate the responsibility of pet ownership and the cost of proper pet care. Sure you can have a pet with low funds, but, in my opinion, that pet would likely not get what it needs. They'd probably get the worst food, be left in the yard, be a terror...

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How do I select the right dog breed?

All of us have our favorite dog breed, but when it comes down to choosing our own pet, we must ask ourselves, “Is my favorite breed, the best one for me?” Here are some tips in selecting the right dog for you: First, ask yourself a few questions: Do I have a yard for...

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How do I potty train my dog?

Does your dog go poop or pee in your house? Do you need help potty training your dog? Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon problem facing dog owners. It can be very frustrating! However, this can be resolved in due time. Here are some tips on this issue....

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