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Ontario Dog Obedience Training

Specializing in Off-Leash Training

 Serving the areas of the Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, and Orange County

**COVID-19 UPDATE: We are currently OPEN and booking board and train and a limited amount of in person training. We are practicing safety measures and adjusting how we meet together. Masks are required for in person training. We also have available virtual options.

Welcome to Rooted Dog Training! We are based in Ontario, California, and service the Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, and Orange County areas.

Rooted Dog Training is a balanced dog training company eager and ready to help dog owners create the dog of their dreams, while also overcoming frustrating dog behaviors. We specialize in off-leash obedience through our popular one-on-one programs and the board-and-train program. We train dogs of all ages and breeds and can overcome a long list of challenging behavioral issues. Please browse our website and fill out a contact form so that we can get you on track to an enjoyable life with your dog. Stop the ongoing frustration and embarrassment they now may be giving you. 

Our mission is to ultimately help dog owners keep their dogs in their homes. Many today are feeling at a loss with respect to their dog behavioral issues.  There are solutions and we at Rooted Dog Training can provide those answers to you with outstanding results! Take away the constant worry and stress that you may now be experiencing. 

We are excited to share our knowledge and experience with you to help you better understand the dog in front of you. Our training methods and understanding of the canine species allows us to dive deeper so that we can gain valuable and long-lasting results that not only build a well-mannered dog but also help dog owners improve their life as a whole.

We specialize in remote collar training that allows us to not only stop unwanted behaviors but develop solid reliable communication. Yes, that means your dog will come to you on command! Through our board-and-train or complete obedience program, we can stop these undesirable and perhaps dangerous behaviors. We also teach a valuable on/off switch that creates a dog who can be calm on command. So, no more overly excited dog who just can’t seem to sit still or not get into trouble.

Even if you are not dealing with any behavioral issues, we can help you create the calm, everywhere, and perhaps adventure dog!

Your dog will learn a list of useful commands such as a solid sit, down, stay, place, out, as well as how to heel on the walk, come to you when called, and reliably understand “no” and “yes”. All of these will make your daily routine smooth and stress-free.

Through our programs we can achieve calm well-mannered dogs and long-lasting real-world success so that you can focus on your day-to-day life without having the dog as an added stress. You can have peace of mind knowing your dog is under control. Become a new and improved leader, not only for your dog, but also for yourself and achieve a happier fulfilled life!

Are you ready to get started? Are you and your family committed to put in the effort to achieve this amazing new life with your dog?

If so, fill out a contact form. We will sign you up for the program that best suits your needs. Let’s get started!

5 Reasons Why You Should Train Your Dog

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Comprehensive Board and Train

Don’t have time for in-person training? Got a difficult dog? Bring your dog to us and we’ll set you & the dog up for life long success, including off leash obedience.

Private Training Program

Puppy? Adult? Doesn’t matter, you can gain off-leash obedience, a strong foundation, and the ability to overcome problem behaviors and create the everywhere dog!

Virtual Obedience Program

Private virtual training sessions in the comfort and safety of your home. Overcome minor behavior issues and create off-leash obedience!

Teresa l Board and Train Program

“I can’t thank Rooted Dog Training enough for the help, encouragement, and education for us to be able to enjoy this new lifestyle with the dogs!”

Cathrine l Complete Obedience Program

“The best part is, she trains both the human and the dog to better understand each other, giving us a great foundation and line of communication for the rest of our lives.”

Adrian l Puppy Program

“Chloe is an awesome trainer and very knowledgeable about situations that might arise before, during, and after training. Her willingness to be available after all the lessons are done is awesome, it’s helped so much in maintaining a sound structure and routine for our aussie. Thanks Chloe!”

Free Community Pack Walk

Join a supportive group of dog people who are striving to provide leadership for their dogs by practicing the structured walk. We will be available for free coaching during this event.

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Overcome Behavioral Issues

Off Leash Training

Create the Everywhere Adventure Dog

Lifetime Aftercare

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