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Specializing in Off-Leash Training

 Serving the areas of the Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, and Orange County

Welcome to Rooted Dog Training! We are based in Ontario, California, and service the Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, and Orange County areas.

Rooted Dog Training is a balanced dog training company eager and ready to help dog owners create the dog of their dreams, while also overcoming frustrating dog behaviors. We specialize in off-leash obedience with the use of e-collar training in our popular one-on-one and virtual programs.

We train dogs of all ages and breeds and can overcome a long list of challenging behavioral issues and help you see the potential your dog has. You will learn a balanced approach by teaching both yes and no to bring clarity of what your expectations are to your dog. You’ll gain a true understanding of how your dog learns so that you can become someone worth trusting and respecting through life making your dog reliable no matter what’s going on. Our training methods and understanding of the canine species allows us to dive deeper so that we can gain valuable and long-lasting results that not only build a well-mannered dog, but also help dog owners improve their life as a whole.

If you want to gain a more fulfilled, safe, and enjoyable life with your dog we are for you!

If you want to stop unwanted behaviors, we are for you!

If you want to create the everywhere adventure dog, we are for you!

If you want life lasting results, we are for you!

If you are ready to step up to the plate and demonstrate the leadership your dog needs, we are for you!

Please browse our website and fill out a contact form so that we can get you on track to an enjoyable life with your dog.

5 Reasons Why You Should Train Your Dog

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Private Training Program

Puppy? Adult? Doesn’t matter, you can gain off-leash obedience, a strong foundation, and the ability to overcome problem behaviors and create the everywhere dog!

Virtual Obedience Program

Private virtual training sessions in the comfort and safety of your home. Overcome minor behavior issues and create off-leash obedience!


Teresa l 2 Schnauzers

“I can’t thank Rooted Dog Training enough for the help, encouragement, and education for us to be able to enjoy this new lifestyle with the dogs!”

Cathrine l Mini Aussie

“The best part is, she trains both the human and the dog to better understand each other, giving us a great foundation and line of communication for the rest of our lives.”

Adrian l Australian Shepard

“Chloe is an awesome trainer and very knowledgeable about situations that might arise before, during, and after training. Her willingness to be available after all the lessons are done is awesome, it’s helped so much in maintaining a sound structure and routine for our aussie. Thanks Chloe!”

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Overcome Behavioral Issues

Off Leash Training

Create the Everywhere Adventure Dog

Lifetime Aftercare

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