Does your dog jump? Does your dog bark? Does your dog nip or bite? Is your dog destructive?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then yes of course your dog needs training. But what if your dog is pretty easy for the most part with no real serious issues? Well I still would say your dog should have some basic obedience under his or her belt. Why?

When you give your dog clear rules and boundries we can set our dog for the best success possible no matter the issues or non issues they may have. Giving your dog clear rules allows for no confusion, so your dog will quickly learn how each day and each experience should go. So whether you are alone at home with your dog or out on a busy street, your dog will know how to behave and interact.

Here are 5 great reasons why I believe training is a must for all who have dogs.

#1 You can gain peace of mind knowing you will always have control of your dog.

When your dog knows how to behave in specific situations because they have been trained and setup for success, your worry of will the dog jump or will the dog cause caos will fade away. You will know how to manage situations properly and be able to fully rely on the work that you have put into the dog. This can take a huge weight off of people’s shoulders and allow YOU to enjoy that moment, rather then worrying about the dog.

#2 Your home will be your home, not the dogs.

So many dogs are running the house. Not just because of improper leadership but because they are exhibiting behaviors that owners just don’t know how to deal with. Behaviors like excitement and anxiety can cause the dog to be destructive or aggressive. The dog quickly takes over because everything revolves around the dog, getting him to stop a behavior or get him away from risky situations. The list can go on and before you know it the dog is in complete control of your day to day. With training you can end the chaos and reclaim your space and your day to day routine.

#3 You can enjoy more time with your dog outside of your home.

With great reliable training your dog can be apart of much more of your life, not just at home. You can not only take them out for walks but take them on vacations, to restaraunts and breweries, hikes, a friends house and some retail stores. This world is becoming more dog friendly then ever. Don’t you want to join in on the fun?

#4 You will have a stronger bond with your dog because it will be built on respect, trust, and love.

Due to the rules and boundries you can create through consistant training your dog will know exactly what to expect from you, whether negative or positive. You will have taught the dog they need to respect the rules you have setup, they trust that you will take care of situations that they fear or are uncomfortable in, and they can share a loving bond with you because you spend so much time with them caring for their every need. Much like raising children, your relationship will need to have a balance of rules but also compassion and tender care. With that you can have a bond that will be truly treasured.

#5 Your dog will feel fulfilled, have a calm and relaxed state of mind, and have a leader that will do what’s best for them.

Fulfilling your dog is so important and this can be accomplished through training in addition to other relationship activities. When you give your dog purpose they will be more relaxed and easier to manage. Training also addresses the state of mind where the dog can learn to turn off or depending on what you desire in the moment. If your dog suffers from things such as anxiety or fear, it is imperative to get training underway to teach them to relax in the moments that cause the mental anxiety. They need our help to guide them through this world to overcome such debilitating mindsets. By providing a way out of that mindset or any other nefgative behavior we can become the leader our dog needs so that they don’t have to do the job themselves. They just have to look to us and follow.

There are lots of good trainers out there ready to help. I encourage you to seek one out that you feel confident in and get their feedback on how you can help your canine be the best that they can be in this crazy world.

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