The Ultimate Puppy Training to Dog Program

Puppy training at it's finest to mold your new puppy into your future adventure buddy!
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Puppy Training to Unleash the Adventure today!

This program is designed for you to start puppy training as early as 8-12 weeks old. We want to start from the very beginning to setup your puppy to be the very best they can be. So don’t wait till your dog is 6 months or a year old, trust me, it gets harder they age because of behaviors that develop.

Let’s be preventative. Let’s mold your puppy! Really get to know your puppy from the very beginning of what kind of potential they have and let us help troubleshoot along the way. We’ll be there to guide you through your first year and all the ups and downs of puppy training. Make the time count!


Please read the details below thoroughly to qualify for this puppy training to dog program.
Off Leash Obedience

Hey! I’m Chloe your trainer! I’m pumped and ready to coach you through this puppy training journey.

  • Up to 11 Sessions
    • If for some reason you need more sessions (I doubt it) you can purchase at a discounted fee.
  • One on One Private Sessions with Your Trainer
  • Personalized Goals to Focus On
  • Meet Every 1-2 Weeks
  • 60 Minute Sessions
  • Majority of Sessions Held at our Private Location in Ontario
  • Multiple Field Trips in Our Area
    • To test skills learned
    • Park, Community Area, Trails, Claremont Village, Indoor Stores, etc.
  • VIP In-Home Sessions Available for additional fee
    • Must be within 20 minute drive of Ontario due to trainers schedule
    • Can consult more during phone consult
  • Full List of Obedience Commands
    • Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Come, Heel, Crate, Place, Out (Leave it/Drop it), Let’s Go
  • Reliable On-Leash Obedience
  • Reliable Off-Leash Obedience
  • E-Collar Training
  • Crate Training
  • Potty Training
  • How to Implement Structure
  • How to Balance Life and Training
  • Puppy Preventative Training
  • Confidence Building Skills
  • Learn How Your Dog Learns
  • Everywhere Dog Training
  • Field Trips to Test Skills
  • Socialization Skills
  • How to Properly Use Training Tools and Methods
  • Reference Booklet – PDF
  • Puppy Training Shopping Guide
  • Access to Message your Trainer through WhatsApp
  • Check-Ins
  • Lifetime Access to Trainer
  • Lifetime Access to Monthly Class
  • Lifetime Access to Facebook Group
  • Must be between 8-12 weeks to begin
  • Committed Owners Only
  • Capable to do the Homework
  • Patience
  • Minimum of 30 minutes a day to train
    • Training is a lifestyle. Every moment your training in a sense. What you tell or don’t tell your dog is training.
  • Daily Walks
    • Daily is great. Minimum 5 a week.
  • Weekly Field Trips on Your Own
    • Park, community, brewery, errands, etc
    • As suggested by your trainer
  • Desire to Live Life with Your Dog
    • Not for the backyard dog
    • Not for the person who is never home
    • We understand you have a job though =)
    • Desire to take your dog places or travel with
  • Desire for Off-Leash Activities
  • Desire for Long-Lasting Obedience
  • Open Mind to Tools and Methods
  • Willingness to Trust Your Trainer


Payment Plans available through PayPal

Business Hours

Training sessions scheduled Monday-Thursdays. Evenings are more popular so your flexibility is easier to getting you started sooner.

Remote Collar Training Equals Off-Leash Reliabilitye-collar

With Remote Collar training (or E-Collar) to help us get faster and more reliable communication with your dog. It allows us to have a very clear conversation, which is important for high distraction areas and for dogs that are more challenging. With this awesome training tool we can also gain off leash freedom! While we may use a wide range of levels on the remote we focus on keeping it as low as necessary. In fact, many dog’s build an excitement for the tool because it means more fun and freedom! For more information on the E-Collar tool, visit our FAQ page.

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