Over many years e-collars have been used to train dogs. Many have heard these tools being referred as, “shock” collars, when in reality that is not at all what they do.

I’d like to explain to you what e-collars, or otherwise known as remote collars, are exactly. I want to provide you the FACTS about these tools because there are many misinformed people out there as well as people that fear this tool as abusive. The reality is e-collars are amazing and are not only helping creating better relationships between man and dog, but are also providing a solution to saving dogs lives. That’s fact #1.

Let’s tackle the following questions:

  • How are e-collars used to train dogs?
  • What are the mechanics behind the E-Collar?
  • Do they really “shock” the dog?
  • Can E-Collars harm or injure dog’s?
  • Are E- Collars good or bad?
  • Are they successful training tools?

Please watch the following video as I show you the collar and tackle the above listed questions and concerns that many people have.

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