Dog Training Class

Sit. Stay. Sip

Free Dog Training Class

Come, sip a beer, and let’s talk dog training! 

Sit. Stay. Sip. is a free event open to the dog owner community. 

While it is a free event, we do require you to register, so please be sure to do so if you plan to come. We have limited space for dogs, but have plenty of space for dog owners who just want to come, listen, and sip a beer.

This dog training event will include a lecture on how dog owners today can train their dogs to be calm in a crazy world. Many people have dogs that they’d love to bring to a place such as a brewery. However, they don’t feel their dog would be calm or well-behaved enough for such a setting. With this class, we can help you understand the dog in front of you and help you realize your dog CAN be a well-mannered canine citizen in your community.

During the lecture, we will help attendees understand what they can practice daily with their dogs to encourage a calm mindset, gain confidence, and develop a relationship that can ensure trust and respect.  

Topics to be Discussed:
  • Learn how you can train your dog to be reliable around different environments, people, and animals

  • Understand what is involved to create a well mannered dog that listens to you
  • Learn about commands, techniques, and training tools 

  • Develop skills to create a confident and calm “everywhere” dog

Each class will begin with a brief lecture and then go into demonstrations with registered participants.

With the information and demonstrations provided, we can help someone who is focused on helping their dogs develop a calm demeanor in their home or out on the town. 

Feel Free to stick around afterwards for a beer and Q&A!




Date: Saturday February 23, 2019

Time: 12pm-1:30pm

Location: Alosta D Street Square Brewery – 2079 Bonita Ave #101, La Verne, CA 91750

Details and Rules: Register Required through the form below.

***No aggressive dogs are permitted to attend, however, dog owners are invited to come and learn through the lecture and demonstrations at the event. Registered dogs must be safe in public and have secure leashes and collars. We want to ensure all have a safe and enjoyable experience at this event.



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