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Virtual Dog Training Consulting

Already went through training? Need to troubleshoot? Want a second opinion?

This consulting option is ideal for those who have already had a considerable amount of training and need some troubleshooting assistance. Or perhaps you would like a second opinion on a matter with your dog. If you haven’t done any training then I would instead encourage you to check out our training programs HERE.

This consulting is not a replacement for actual training and behavior modification. We believe to address issues and teach behaviors much more is needed. If you still feel a consultation is what you desire then we’ll be happy to do so, much like we would do an evaluation. If you sign up for a training program we will roll the payment into the program total.

$75 for a max of 1 hour

Invoice is sent via PayPal and payment must be made before scheduled consultation. Video consultations are done using the ZOOM meeting platform.

Consultations scheduled Monday thru Thursday

Virtual Dog Training Consulting
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