Complete Obedience Program – Ontario Remote Collar Trainer

Eight 1-on-1 Sessions


This program is designed for puppies to adults, for dogs with behavioral issues, and for dog owners who want to have solid obedience and off leash capability to create a fun adventurous everywhere dog.

Whatever situation you are in with your dog we can help you achieve your goals and help you create the dog you’ve always wanted, all while also overcoming and preventing frustrating behaviors. We will teach you how to develop a relationship with your dog that is built on trust, respect, and love, making you the leader your dog needs. You will learn how to use your body, energy, and tools that will help develop that solid and reliable communication no matter the enviroment.

With this program your dog will develop an on/off switch creating a calm dog when you need. Your dog can learn how to be calm in moments they may normally by excited, nervous, or anxious.

Your dog will learn a valuable list of commands to help you gain control and peace of mind. Commands include a solid sit, down, place (calm down), heel, out (leave it/ drop it), release, and more. Through this program your dog will learn a structured life with boundaries and clear rules to ensure you can have a dog that doesn’t test or question you but listens respectfully and what will develop into automatic obedience. With this structure though also come’s with many adventurous and fun capabilites because you not only have a stronger bond with your dog but you have reliable communication.

In this program it’s not just about the dog, but we teach you and the entire household how to ensure your dog’s skills last a lifetime.

E- Collar Training to ensure off-leash reliability

With E-Collar training (or Remote Collar) to help us get faster and more reliable communication with your dog. It allows us to have a very clear conversation, which is important for high distraction areas and for dogs that are more challenging. With this awesome training tool we can also gain off leash freedom! While we may use a wide range of levels on the remote we focus on keeping it as low as necessary. In fact, many dog’s build an excitement for the tool because it means more fun and freedom! For more information on the E-Collar tool, visit our FAQ page.


Payment Plan Available
*Sessions take place at our location
San Dimas Remote Collar Trainer

8 Sessions: 1-1.5 hours each

Sessions Include:

  • Crate training
  • Overcoming your specific dog behavioral issues
  • Nutrition guide
  • Real world training scenarios
  • Social strategies to people, animals, children, sounds, and touch
  • Prong collar and how to use it properly
  • Low level remote collar training
  • How to use your body, voice, and energy with your dog
  • How to have lasting success
  • Obedience commands that help your daily routine
  • Teaching your dog an ON/OFF switch

Bonus Items Include:

  • Study Handbook
  • LIFETIME ACCESS with us throughout the dogs life for when you need reminders, have questions, or maybe new issues arise. We work with you till you get the results you want.
  • Private Facebook Group access for continued support and education
  • Monthly Pack Walk/Social to continue the conversation and practice your skills
  • Training tools such as prong collar, e-collar, and long line ($260+ value)


Issues We Can Tackle:

  • Whining/barking
  • Puppy rebellion
  • Nipping/biting
  • Jumping
  • Digging
  • Destructive behavior
  • Leash reactivity
  • Resource guarding
  • Dog/people reactivity (barking, lunging)
  • Mild Anxiety and fearful behaviors
  • and MORE!
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