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Puppy Board and Train Program

From Puppy-hood to Adult-hood We Have You Covered!


Puppy Board and Train Program

Age: 8 Weeks to 6 Months

3 Week Program Split Appropriately to Fit Your Puppies Age and Needs


Who’s This For

The puppy board and train is designed for puppies from the age of 8 weeks to 6 months and for dog owners who want to have solid obedience and off leash capability to create a fun adventurous everywhere dog.

How Does A Puppy Board and Train Work

This is a multi-week intense Puppy Board and Train program that allows us to really dive into your puppies behaviors and get a faster turn around to get you, the owner, on the right track. This 3 weeks are split up in two intervals, but before we even bring your puppy in we have one pre-board and train session where we can get you started as early as 8 weeks so you have some coaching on those first days of raising your puppy such as crate training and potty training. Then at 16 weeks your puppy will arrive for its first week of board and train. Before you take them home after the first week we have 1 go home session so you can follow through with what has been taught. At the 6 month mark we will bring your puppy back for two weeks to perfect the training with E-Collar Training. Again you will have another go home session to ensure you know exactly how to follow through and keep the training to last a lifetime. The training can transfer seamlessly to you when you follow our program.Puppy Board and train

What Will Be Taught

During the dog’s stay, we will address any specific issues you are dealing with while getting the dog fully off leash trained with our state-of-the-art low level remote collar program. Right away your dog will learn to adapt to a well structured life with rules, boundaries, and limitations. This will be a big part of the program to help us address any unwanted behaviors you are now dealing with such as jumping, whining, barking, lunging, nipping, reactivity, anxiety, any crate issues, and more. Your dog will also learn a list of obedience commands which includes a solid sit, down, place, heel, come and overall good manners to help your day to day routine.

We will teach you as well how to develop a relationship with your dog that is built on trust, respect, and love, making you the leader your dog needs. You will learn how to use your body, energy, structure, and tools that will help develop that solid and reliable communication no matter the environment or scenario.

With this puppy board and train your dog will develop an on/off switch creating a calm dog when you need. Your dog can learn how to be calm in moments they may normally by excited, nervous, or anxious.

E-Collar Training Enables Us To Ensure Off-Leash Reliability

This program focuses on E Collar training (or Remote Collar) to help us get faster results and more reliable communication with your dog off leash. It allows us to have a very clear conversation, which is important for high distraction areas and for dogs that are more challenging. With this awesome training tool we can also gain off leash freedom! While we may use a wide range of levels on the remote we focus on keeping it as low as necessary. In fact, many dogs build an excitement with the E Collar because it usually means more freedom and fun! For more information on what an e collar is visit our FAQ page.

After the Board and Train program, you will have 1 free follow up session but also have LIFETIME ACCESS to us if ever you should need. We are always just a call or email away to answer any questions that may come up. In addition we have a private Facebook group for clients to ask questions, share their stories, and stay educated. We want you to have lasting success and achieve the relationship with your dog that you’ve always wanted.

PREVENT & STOP Unwanted Behaviors:
  • STOP potty issues
  • STOP barking/whining
  • STOP jumping
  • STOP biting/nipping
  • STOP pulling leash
  • STOP reacting at dogs/humans
  • STOP destructive behaviors
  • STOP resource guarding
  • STOP stubbornness
  • STOP counter surfing
  • STOP over excitement
  • STOP bolting out the door
What Your Puppy Will Learn:
  • Crate Training
  • Potty Training
  • E-Collar Training
  • On/Off Switch
  • Sit-Stay
  • Down-Stay
  • Heel Command
  • Place Command
  • Out (Leave/Drop it)
  • Waiting For Food
  • Environmental Exposure
  • Social Skills with Dogs, People, Critters
  • Confidence in Insecure Scenarios
  • Respect and Trust with Their Leaders
What’s Included:
  • 1 Pre-Board and Train Session
  • 2 Go Home Sessions Where You Learn What Your Dog Learned
  • Lifetime Access to Your Trainer
  • Training Tool Kit (Valued at $350+)
  • Access to Client Only Pack Walks
  • Access to Client Only Dog Socials
  • Access to Facebook Group Page


Payment Plans Available

$700 for additional weeks if suggested for your dog

Training held at Trainers Home for Real Life Training

Maggie & Craig

“…there is no better place to help then Rooted Dog Training…Jake is a changed dog…We consider Rooted Dog Training to be some of the best money we’ve ever spent!”


“With Chloe’s help, Muncie can now stay in place when I leave (especially in public places) and listens to my commands like heel, place, and dropping whatever is in her mouth. I’m so glad we had Chloe train Muncie and make her the best and more confident dog that she is now.”


“Chloe is an AMAZING trainer. She really takes the time to learn about your dog and what challenges you face… You can tell Chloe really cares for you and your dog’s development. We are so thankful!”

Adrian and Tiffany

“Chloe is an awesome trainer and very knowledgeable about situations that might arise before, during, and after training. Her willingness to be available after all the lessons are done is awesome, it’s helped so much in maintaining a sound structure and routine for our aussie. Thanks Chloe!”
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