Basic Foundation Obedience Program

4 One on One Sessions


The Basic Foundation Obedience Program is designed for those that don’t have a very difficult dog, but want to provide a good foundation. However, if you are dealing with non serious behaviors like jumping, pulling on leash, and counter surfing then we can address those in this program. We will get you setup to enable you and your dog to have a solid relationship built on trust and respect.

You will learn how to communicate with your dog by learning the value of body language but also using tools, such as the prong collar and leash and the crate. We will also cover the importance of setting up rules, boundaries, and limitations to get rid of annoying behaviors and therefore setup the dog for success. Most people tend to give to much freedom to their dog but really what is needed is structure. This program will help you understand why that is important and how you can implement it into your life. To do that, we’ll cover commands such as sit-stay, down-stay, heel and place but also cover the importance of crate training. All of which are essentials to creating a home that is balanced and peacful for you and your dog.

For more serious behaviors and defiant dogs check out our Complete Obedience Program and our Board and Train Program, both of which include off-leash obedience.



*Sessions take place at our location

4 Sessions, 1 – 1.5 Hours Each

Sessions Include:
  • Prong Collar and how to use it properly
  • Crate Training
  • How to communicate with your dog
  • How to have lasting success
  • Commands that help your daily routine
  • Management guidance
  • Teaching your dog an ON/OFF switch
  • How to enjoy your dog walk and gain control
Issues we can tackle:
  • No more jumping
  • No more counter surfing
  • No more excessive excitement
  • No more pulling on leash
  • No more charging the door
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